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The interventions of Operation REMODELING, ADAPTATION AND IMPROVEMENT OF LAR OTILIA LOURENÇO, in Abiul, Pombal, no. CENTRO-05-4842-FEDER-000153 of the typology of “Social Infrastructure and Equipment” aims to adapt existing physical spaces to respond to modernization needs of the social equipment Lar Otília Lourenço. Objectives: essential functional changes for the continuation of offering a quality service to clients and their families; adaptation of spaces to new forms of intervention with the elderly, which promote their cognitive stimulation and the delay of dementia disorders.
There are three intervention components: 1) Rooms, 2) Living and Activities Areas, 3) Laundry Services. 1) In the rooms, the sanitary facilities will be refurbished, to strengthen access to all users and the renovation of the floor with material resistant to the use of wheelchairs, durable and antibacterial.
2) In component 2, the capacity of the living room will be increased, providing welcoming and diversified areas, guaranteeing the open accessibility of all users regardless of their motor/cognitive abilities and the use of energy efficiency measures in terms of lighting . The connection between the interior of the building and the courtyard will be reinforced; this will be refurbished, with shaded areas and benches for seating, and the installation of a water element, which will also work as a therapeutic element, as it will serve to stimulate the five senses. Furthermore, a multisensory room will be created for cognitive stimulation with specific Snoezelen equipment.
3) In component 3, the investment will expand the area allocated to office, ironing, storage and sewing services, by adapting the current physical space. Measures will also be taken to promote the energy efficiency of social equipment with the use of efficient lighting and the purchase of more efficient and low-consumption professional irons.

Start Date: 02/07/2019
End Date: 06/30/2022
Total Approved Cost: €286,341.39
Approved Eligible Cost: €258,980.33 (90%)
Approved Support: €220,133.28

Date: 01 de Agosto de 2022


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